The community centre was built in 1997 based on plans by Antal Grátz and Ferenc Lőrinc of Kapos-Terv company.
Antal Grátz is a member of the Makovecz school, so architectural features resemble Makovecz buildings.

The community centre perform the following functions in the community:

  •  As the place for all-community celebrations at various occasions and traditions
  • As the place for public meetings of the citizens on various issues.
  • As a place where community members meet each other socially.
  • As a place housing local clubs and volunteer activities: our folk dance group, the school’s folk dance club, the traditional folk art group and our senior club.
  • As a place housing the school’s sports events: PE lessons, physiotherapy, sports trainings and the village sports club’s trainings in winter.
  • As the local library.
  • One room is a place that community members, can rent for wedding ceremonies. You can see the huge panno of “Wedding company in Buzsák” by István Szabó here. The original work was a sgrafitto prepared on the wall of the previous community centre in 1976 and demolished at the time of the modernization of the building. When the artist heard of the demolition, he repainted his work as a panno in the original size and now Buzsák proudly exhibits this attraction in the community centre.
  • The community centre can be rented for parties up to 250 members for wedding celebrations, balls, concerts and performances.
  • There is also an exhibition of Buzsák embroidery and wood carvings of József Fehér, István Buzsáki and Attila Györe.

Opening times:
Monday: 14.30-15.30
Tuesday: 13.00-15.00
Wednesday: 14.00-16.00