Traditional House

At the turn of the 20th century, most of the villagers used to live in small (1 room, kitchen and pantry) thatched houses with no chimneys. Later, houses were modernized: chimneys were added to kitchens, so kitchens and rooms became free of smoke, thus serving the family for generations.

The rammed earth house situated in the village centre was not the only one of this kind in the village when it was bought and reconstructed into a traditional house in 1977. Nevertheless, today it is the only representative of this sort, which once was the characteristic house type of this area.

The house and the farm buildings were constructed on a large plot in the 19th century by a wealthy peasant owner. By the time of reconstruction in 1977, the house had already been significantly altered, and a vent over the clay furnace had to be re-established. Through this opening, draught draws smoke out of the room, keeping the house free of smoke, and ham, bacon and sausages hanged in the hole can be smoked.

There is a room opening from the kitchen on both sides, both of which are heated by tiled stoves fueled from the kitchen, so that smoke would not come in the rooms. The front room was called the “clean room” decorated with the family’s most precious fabrics and icons. It was saved from everyday use. Today, the interior preserves the 19th century look with beds made up high, icons and rich decoration.

The back room, which used to be a family living room, now gives place to an exhibition of the most spectacular pieces of Buzsák’s folk art. Both traditional embroidery and wood carving are representatives of the still living folk art of Buzsák.

The huge stable and barn combined with a remise stocks the benches, which shows that the traditional house is a lively place and hosts the village’s outdoor events.

In 2013, the fence around the traditional house was replaced, the open stage got a new thatched roof, a playground, parking area, bike parking and most of all a new exhibition building were added, where you can see traditional farm tools and machines.


Visiting this traditional house can be a good program in itself. However, if you can, visit Buzsák when there are festivals organized at the traditional house. Then, in the courtyard of the rammed earth house you can enjoy spectacular folk dance shows and you can see how the famous folk art of Buzsák is maintained today.

We look forward to you seeing you in Buzsák. Come and visit our sights.

Buzsák Traditional House

8695 Buzsák, Fő tér 7

Opening times:

15 April – 15 October

Monday – Saturday: 09:00 - 17:00

Sunday: 11:00 - 17:00

Groups and tourists are welcome any time of year if  booking ahead.

For information and booking please call +3630/218 8674 from 8 am to 6pm.



Adult: 600 HUF

Children and senior: 400 HUF